Special Delivery Date Case Western Reserve University

If your items are already being stored with us and you need a special delivery date an time outside of our pre-arranged schedule then select this product. The cost is $150.00 extra from your original payment of pick-up and storage.
  • Enter your full delivery address 
  • Enter the student's name and phone number
  • Enter your date
  • Enter your time

Need Packing supplies? We've got you covered.

No need to leave your dorm, we'll drop these items off to your dorm two weeks before your scheduled move-out date, to help make the process stress free!

Get Supplies

Need Additional Insurance? We've got you covered.

Armbruster Moving & Storage automatically protects each shipment against loss or damage up to a value of $100.00. If you want additional insurance you have the option to purchase below.

Additional Insurance

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