Conditions of use

1. The customer agrees to pay Armbruster Moving & Storage for the storage services rendered according to our price list. The customer agrees to have all items labeled and ready for pick-up at their scheduled time. Please read below a detailed terms and conditions of your Summer Storage Program. If you do not pay your bill in full you will not get your items returned till the balance is paid.  

2. Safe Packing- The customer is responsible for the secure packing of their possessions and for reading the Armbruster Moving & Storage Helpful Packing Tips. Armbruster Moving & Storage is not responsible for any item that is not properly packed.

3. Registration/Move Kits- During the sign up process the Customer is required to sign up for a $20.00 Registration deposit. This fee is applied to your Summer Storage Total. To assist you in your packing needs, Armbruster Moving & Storage recommends ordering a move kit.  The move kits will be delivered on campous for your pick-up, starting the week of April 24th. The Customer hereby authorizes Armbruster Moving & Storage to charge the Customer's credit card or bank account for the Registration Deposit and any additional packing supplies. Move kits are non-refundable and non-returnable. Moving Kits and supplies are charged upon delivery.  

4. Personal Property Protection Plan- Armbruster Moving & Storage automatically protects each shipment against loss or damage due to Armbruster Moving & Storage negligence up to a value of $100.00. Unless the Customer purchases additional personal property protection from Armbruster Moving & Storage, the Customer agrees that the released value of each shipment is no greater than $100.00 and that Armbruster Moving & Storage's liability is limited to $100.

Armbruster Moving & Storage strongly recommends the purchase of additional personal property protection in cases where the replacement value of the Customer's possessions exceeds $100 per shipment. Additional personal property protection is available at the rate specified on the pricing list. The maximum amount of additional personal property protection is $5000.00. for each stored shipment.

To purchase additional personal property protection, the Customer must:
a. Indicate the amount of declared value for each item on the Box Inventory Form prior to the time of pick-up.
b. Label each item to correspond with the itemization contained on the Box Inventory Form.
c. Confirm yes or no and mark the amount of additional personal property protection that you are requesting on the Box Inventory Form.

The basic and additional personal property protection for stored items provides coverage against damage or loss of the Customer's stored packages due to Armbruster Moving & Storage's negligence. The personal property protection plan does not cover:
a. Jewelry, coins, and collectibles.
b. Cash.
c. Damage to electronic equipment if there is no evidence of physical damage or breakage to the packaging container.
d. Items of indeterminable value.
e. Extremely fragile items (eg. mirrors).
f. Improperly packed items.
g. Concealed damage.
h. Unpacked items, including furniture that is not wrapped and protected.
i. Minor damage due to normal handling (including, but not limited to scratches, nicks, and cuts).
j. Damage to storage containers (eg. boxes, trunks, etc.) 
k. Damages due to natural disasters, and any and all loss or damages occurring while the items are not in the possession ofArmbruster Moving & Storage.
l. Damages caused to particleboard and assembled furniture.

Damaged items must have evidence of physical damage to the exterior packaging of the item. Armbruster Moving & Storage cannot be held liable for concealed damage to items within a carton, trunk, or other casing without physical damage to the exterior of the package.

The Customer acknowledges that the Customer is liable for any damage the Customer's storage contents may inflict on the property of others.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Armbruster Moving & Storage maximum liability for any damage, loss, cost, or expense incurred as a result of any storage by Armbruster Moving & Storage is limited by the terms included in this Agreement. All personal property protection coverage is expressly limited to the period in which the Customer's possessions are in the actual care and custody of Armbruster Moving & Storage.

5. Payment for Services- The Customer agrees to pay the total cost of the services provided by Armbruster Moving & Storage based on the number and type of items at the time of pick-up. The Customer further agrees to pay any applicable fees as specified in the Pricing section. The Customer agrees to pay the $20.00 Registration deposit by credit or debit card to ensure proper credit for billing purposes and to reserve your pick-up time.

All charges for services are due and payable immediately following the pick-up of the Customer's possessions. All accounts must be paid by credit or debit card following pick-up. The Customer hereby authorizes Armbruster Moving & Storage to charge the Customer-provided credit card or bank account for the balance owing for the services rendered and any additional fees.

Checks or cash are not accepted on the day of pick-up and should not be given to any Armbruster Moving & Storage representatives under any circumstance.

The Customer acknowledges that the Customer remains indebted to Armbruster Moving & Storage for any balance owed on the Customer's account as a result of invalid credit or debit card information, Armbruster Moving & Storage's inability to receive credit or debit card charge authorizations, or for any other reason that prevents Armbruster Moving & Storage from being paid for the services and any additional fees. If the Customer has failed to pay the charges for the services or any additional fees prior to the date of scheduled delivery of stored packages, Armbruster Moving & Storage reserves the right to hold the Customer's possessions until payment has been received in full. The Customer acknowledges that the Customer's failure to pay the Customer's account in full prior to the delivery date could result in a change in the delivery date and the assessment of additional fees.
In addition, if the Customer has failed to pay charges for the services or any additional fees of the stored packages, Armbruster Moving & Storage may, without demand, sell or otherwise dispose of any or all of the Customer's stored items at public or private sale upon such terms as Armbruster Moving & Storage may deem advisable. Notice of the time and place of any public sale, or of the time at which a private sale or other intended disposition of the stored items (or any portion thereof) is to take place, given at least ten (10) days in advance shall be deemed reasonable notice to the Customer. Armbruster Moving & Storage will apply the net proceeds of any sale of stored items, after deducting all costs incurred in connection therewith, including reasonable legal fees, to the payment, in whole or in part, of the payment obligations of the Customer to Armbruster Moving & Storage. If there is a surplus, Armbruster Moving & Storage will pay the amount of the surplus to the Customer. On the other hand, if the net proceeds of any sale of stored items are insufficient to cover the unpaid amount of all obligations then due from the Customer to Armbruster Moving & Storage, the Customer shall continue to be liable to Armbruster Moving & Storage for such deficiency and Armbruster Moving & Storage shall have full recourse against the Customer for the amount of such deficiency. 

6. Storage Services- Storage Services shall include the spring pick-up, storage costs and fall delivery. The Customer shall present pre-packed personal goods to Armbruster Moving & Storage at the time of pick-up. Armbruster Moving & Storage will transport these goods to our Warehouse facility. Armbruster Moving & Storage will return the items to the Customer during dates and times established by Armbruster Moving & Storage and Case Western. Customer agrees to be present to receive the goods at the specified delivery date, time, and location.
The Customer understands that access to goods in storage is permitted only with 48 hours prior notice to Armbruster Moving & Storage and upon payment of a non-refundable fee as per the Pricing section below. If the items must be delivered prior to the specified delivery dates, an additional fee will apply as per the Pricing section below.

7. Additional Fees- Pricing for the services shall be in accordance with the pricing list contained on the web site. In addition,Armbruster Moving & Storage will charge and the Customer will pay additional fees as described in this section. The purpose of the additional fees is to compensate Armbruster Moving & Storage for expenses it incurs beyond those associated with the provision of services according to standard procedures. Additional Fees may be charged for the following, as explained in the sections of this Agreement: Missed Pick Up or Delivery Fee - $100.00, Redelivery After Failed Attempt -$100.00, Summer Access - $100.00, Pick-Up or Delivery Outside Standard Dates - $100.00,Billing Fee - $50.00, Additional Abandonment Fees - Costs incurred when storage items are not claimed by the Customer.

8. Delivery-The Customer agrees that Armbruster Moving & Storage will not be held liable for damage to the Customer's belongings after delivery has occurred. In the event that the Customer is not present during the Customer's scheduled delivery date and time,Armbruster Moving & Storage representatives will bring the Customer's belongings back to the warehouse and the Customer will have to reschedule the delivery. If this happens, the Customer will be responsible for additional fees.

9. Claims-In the case of damage to stored packages, any damaged cartons must be inspected in the presence of Armbruster Moving & Storage at the time of delivery to confirm damage. All damaged boxes must be opened at the time of delivery, at which timeArmbruster Moving & Storage will document the damage. For loss of stored packages, the Customer must notify Armbruster Moving & Storage of the loss at the time of delivery of the other packages and sign the delivery receipt amended for the lost package. The missing items must be noted on the form and signed off by Armbruster Moving & Storage.

If the Customer is not present during the time of delivery, the condition notes recorded on the contract, if any, will determine the existence and extent of damage or loss.

Claims for loss of, or damage to, the Customer's property must be filed with Armbruster Moving & Storage by requesting a claims form. Claims shall be deemed waived if not filed within 10 days following delivery of the damaged package or, in the case of a lost item, within 10 days following the scheduled delivery of the missing item. Upon receipt of a completed Claim Form and any required documentation, Armbruster Moving & Storage will process the claim and issue a formal reply to the Customer within 30 days of receipt of the Claim Form and documentation. Armbruster Moving & Storage will pay the lesser of the following claim amounts:
a. The cost of reasonably restoring the property to its condition immediately before the move (applies only in the case of damaged items).
b. The original cost or replacement value of the property.
c. The amount of declared valuation on the package, which is:
d. $100 if no additional personal property protection was purchased, or
e. The lesser of:

$1,000 (the maximum single item coverage) or The amount of additional personal property protection the Customer purchased for the item plus the $100 of free declared value.