Helpful Packaging Tips

Does this look familiar? We can help make your move in and out of School seamless. Keeping your vehicle and the passangers safe! 




How to pack like a professional! 

Packing Instructions:

  • Make sure all boxes are sealed and are marked with your last name on the top and one side.
  • Boxes should have your Name and Spring and Fall Location.
  • All items are to be packed securely.
  • Glass items need to be wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • Items not allowed to be packed are: Jewelry, cash, collectibles, weapons, explosives, aerosol cans.
  • Unplug and empty the refrigerator two (2) days before move out.
  • Ship to your house is available upon request.
  • Do not leave any empty space in the boxes that you pack
  • Pack Heavy items such as books and files in the small box category only 
  • Contact us for more information. Any additional questions, please email: